Double D Beverage Co is a private Canadian company that was founded in May 2005. The company was created to not only give consumers great tasting beverages, but functional beverages with high amounts of quality ingredients. It has also been important that we create beverage identities for our products that consumers can relate to.

Seeing an opportunity for a great tasting Energy Drink, Canadian Beaver Buzz Energy was born (celebrating the Beaver being Canada's National Animal). Beaver Buzz delivers unmatched flavour profiles (three skus: Citrus, Saskatoon Berry, non-carbonated Green Tea...all received a rare 4.5 stars out of 5 rating from the beverage media leaders, as well as a quality energy boost. Our company does not use High Fructose Corn Syrup like many other brands do, as we use natural sugar as the sweetener for Beaver Buzz. Beaver Buzz is available in the 473mL can, as well as 4PKs.

Other energy drink entries for DD include our 250mL sugar-free Pink Energy , and a quality brand in our 473mL West Coast Energy that offers an everyday value retail (price-marked at $1.99… A Fair Price for the Working man!)

DD now offers private label beverages from consultation, concept development, product formulation, and brand management. We have a private label beverage partnership with a major Canadian grocer that recently won a prestigious industry award.

After doing business in Canada for the past 10 years, DD is now open to US and International partnerships with the right partners, both distributors and key accounts, as due to many distribution requests over the years it is time for Double D Beverage to offer their successful beverage portfolio to more consumers! Due to our many years of expertise dealing with Health Canada, the various Canadian regulations including labeling, and key accounts, we are open to working with various successful brands established outside of Canada to partner with them for a successful presence in the Canadian market.

Double D Beverage Co. is dedicated to perfection in all endeavors from the smallest detail, to the biggest project, because we are committed to providing our customers with the excellent customer service, and consumers with the best beverages on the planet.


Beaver Buzz
Westcoast Energy
Cock N' Bull Gunger Beer